Precision Gear and Gear Mold Design

The thermoplastic gear mold design is derived from the traditional but overrides it. The tooth thickness, module, pressure angle and helical angle of the precision gear shall be specially tailored via experience database, rather than made to the shrinkage rate only. We operate cavity data calculation and create cavity tooth profile with access to Seitz global gear design platform, which has in-built KISSsoft and ever-developing UTC-IGS. So we customized gear tooth profile and made hands-on improvements on gear precision.

Seitz is expertise in modification coefficient distribution, meshing angle optimization, gear slip ratio and contact ratio correction. The precision gear profile of spur gear, helical gear, compound gear, worm and inner ring gear can be operated in CNC and EDM immediately, so machining precision and efficiency is highly boosted. Our highest qualification grade of production spur gear achieves AGMA Q10.

Mold Flow Analysis

-–Thickness analysis,Filling analysis,Weld line analysis,Warping analysis,Deformation Analysis

-Modelling and simulation for injection molding process in advance are to pursue what may cause mold defects like deformation, shrinkage, short shot, and trap.

-The mold flow involves injection process, mold design, and material data, and drives the improvements on filling process and provides an entire solution.

-The mold flow helps to optimize the mold design, improve mold efficiency and cost competitiveness, and reduce lead time.

Conformal Cooling Technology

-Precision metal 3D-printed

-–Conformally-cooled injection molds design following the shape of the part

-–Promote mold temperature uniformity in the plastic materials being molded

-–Simulate and establish that the channel pressure and fluid flow in two diverging channels

-–Modeling roughness and residual stress of inner wall within flow path

Conventional Cooling Channel

-The machining process plays a big factor in the traditional cooling systems such as straight drilled cooling channel, which is experiencing unbalanced cooling and poor cooling efficiency during injection molding.

Precision Gearbox Design

Seitz collaborative gearbox design platform can generate the automated design parameter, tooth profile and solid modeling for involute planetary gear trains.

Upon the issues like efficiency, noise, life cycle that gearbox were undergoing, the gear interference correction, modification coefficient distribution, meshing angle optimization, gear slip ratio and contact ratio correction would be available in the gearbox platform.

-Full portfolio of gears modeling

-Parallel shaft gearing

-Gear force optimization

-Gear ratio calculation

-?Transmission mechanism analysis


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